Why is this important?

Your DNA that you inherited from your mother and father contains “instructions” on how to make enzymes that help convert the food you eat, the air you breathe, and sunlight into all the cells, blood, and neurotransmitters in your body. It’s an amazing process.

 Genetic variants may impede the proper function of these enzymes, and as a result, you may have less than optimal function and the creation of critical molecules for health. The newly emerging field of Functional Genomics provides insight as to how your DNA impacts specific functions in the body and how genetic variants may serve as roadblocks to optimal wellness.

 Personalized medicine is the future of healthcare, and genomic testing is becoming an integral part of this. As unique individuals, we all have genetic differences, making the one-size-fits-all model of healthcare a thing of the past. Functional genomic testing allows us the opportunity to look at your genes, which serve as the blueprint to your health. Taking this a step further, the study of epigenetics looks at your diet, lifestyle, and the environment in which you live, which impacts how your genes express themselves.

I can't change my genes - why bother?

There are many different reasons why you may want to look at your genetic makeup. Maybe you are curious about your ancestry and want to learn about your risk of potential health conditions or your genetic susceptibility. 

Or maybe you want answers to why all your lab tests come back “normal”, yet you still feel tired, irritable, or continue to struggle with things like digestive issues and cannot determine the reason for these chronic issues. 

Or maybe you feel wired, tired, anxious, and depressed and don't know why. A functional genomic assessment can give some insight into why you could be experiencing these issues, and what you can do about it.

Our goal

By understanding genetic variants, which can potentially cause imbalances, our goal is to supply the right nutrients and targeted supplementation, or diet and lifestyle recommendations to assist the body to:

  • support detoxification pathways and/or reduce the effects of toxins in the body

  • support the healthy rebuilding of cells and organs for building functional cellular health

How do I get the test?

  • Order the saliva kit

    A small saliva kit will be shipped to you at the address you provide.

  • Sign waiver and complete questionnaire

    You will receive an email from Functional Genomic Analysis™ to create an account with them. Please complete registration, sign their consent waivers and complete the questionnaire before your meeting with Dr Destia.

  • Provide sample

    Instructions are included with the kit. Provide your sample and securely pack it.

  • Return your sample

    *Non-USA residents: Costs associated with customs and shipping are excluded. Select your courier and complete any required customs forms. *USA residents - return shipping is included.

  • Analysis

    Analysis of your sample can take 4-8 weeks. Once results are received, Dr. Destia will study your results - there is so much detail, it takes a few hours to go over!

  • Video call

    When your results are received, we will contact you via email to schedule a video call to go over the results alongside any other testing you opted in to. You will also receive your personalized treatment plan.

Get your kit now

We recommend ordering your kit as soon as possible due to the longer turnaround time for results and time it takes to study. Order now to avoid delays in scheduling your video session with Dr Destia!

Get an even bigger picture

Find out what your hormones are doing

Have questions?


Based outside of Canada and the USA?

Before purchasing Revolutionary Genes and Dutch Complete™ (if you are opting in), please email us at drskinner@revolutionary.health to discuss your options. We want to ensure the kit(s) can be mail to you.


  • I don't live in the USA - how much will it cost me to ship the sample back?

    For the Functional Genomic Analysis kit, the cost varies depending on which mail courier you choose and where you live. Most mail couriers charge by weight and distance. We encourage you to select an option that includes at least tracking. For Dutch Complete™, if you are based in Canada, a return shipping label is included. For those living anywhere else (i.e. outside of the USA and Canada), please contact us at the email provided above before purchasing anything.

  • What if my kit(s) get(s) lost in the mail?

    This rarely happens but in the event that your Functional Genomic Analysis kit does get lost, especially with international shipping, a new kit can be ordered for $65. For the Dutch Complete™ kit, a new one can be ordered at no extra cost. If you have not received any of your ordered test kit within 10 business days of ordering, or think/know your returned sample is lost, please email drskinner@revolutionary.health

  • Is Dutch Complete™ only for women?

    No! Anyone can do Dutch Complete™ as an add on to Revolutionary Genes.

  • What if I change my mind about doing the test?

    Our refund policy is 30 days from date of purchase and the Functional Genomic Analysis kit must be unopened and returned to Revolutionary Health. Once the kit has been opened, even if within 30 days of purchase, we can no longer process a refund. If you added on the Dutch Complete™ kit, our refund policy is also 30 days from purchase or the samples must not have been received back yet, whichever happens first.